Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Stacking The College Of Cardinals

This is no surprise.  To be honest, I anticipated this.  Franklin Roosevelt threatened to do this to the Supreme Court when it appeared that they would strike down a goodly part of his unconstitutional "New Deal".  Now we have the same thing going on, with more progressives being put in positions to be electors for the next pope.  I needn't rehash what others have said.  See here and here and here.

Pope Francis is not the first to stack the College of Cardinals.  Probably the most recent attempt was by Pope John XXIII as he attempted to preserve the proceedings of Vatican II. This I learned from Taylor Marshall's book "Infiltration".  By the way - I'd suggest that everyone get a copy of this book and read it now.  It can be obtained on Amazon.

To understand a bit better about this latest crop of cardinals, please take a gander.  This post from the heretic Fr James Martin speaks volumes.


  1. Am reading "Infiltration" presently....so is my H. (we got the kindle version at least for now) And yes indeedy, Francis has stacked the deck. There are now more than half of the eligible voting cardinals that are 'in his pocket'. Very discouraging but yes, you are correct....this was totally anticipated to happen.

  2. Just a BTW....if you keep up at all with Dr. Marshall's you tube podcasts, he and Tim Gordon have coined new terminology for the gay activist crowd and refer to LGTB as "LMNOP". Probably to keep from being 'censored'.

  3. Interesting observation they made in their program yesterday was that "Saint" Paul VI's innovation of preventing votes by Cardinals over the age of 80 blocked a lot of Pius XII's appointees from voting in any subsequent conclaves.

  4. Phil Lawler has an article on this at Catholic Culture. Stacking the deck indeed. "The new cardinals: Pope Francis bids for ‘irreversible change’" We have a Machiavellian prince for pope.



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