Sunday, September 22, 2019

Neumayr's Work Bears Fruit

George Neumayr has been doggedly pursuing the truth regarding the gay mafia that in many ways governs the Church hierarchy in the United States.  He has been most active in this locality.  Recently we have learned that his efforts have borne fruit - in the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Wilmington.

In the Diocese of Wilmington, Neumayr discovered that a member of that diocese's marriage was, to say the least, not qualified to hold that position.  The now-former member was Jack Anderson.  He's an ex-priest.  He and another ex-priest, Ted Olson, are shacking up together in sodomite perversion and are pretending to be "married".  And this is what Wilmington had sitting on its marriage tribunal.  It's very much like having Larry Flint or Hugh Hefner draft a program to teach chastity to Catholic children. Thanks to Neumayr's expose and the subsequent outrage from faithful Catholics, Anderson was removed from the tribunal.  I find it somewhat difficult to believe that the diocese wasn't aware of Anderson's mortally sinful lifestyle.  Moreover, his ties to Msgr Walter Rossi are known.

Speaking of Msgr Rossi, he is under investigation for his own homosexual dalliances and predations.  For history, see this Church Militant piece, one by Neumayr and my own anthology of posts.  Yesterday it was announced that he was granted a leave of absence from the Board of Trustees of Catholic University of America.  If you watched the Theology on Tap video, you'll notice that at that time, the archbishop indicated that he would not remove Rossi pending the investigation's outcome. I believe that is contrary to Canon Law.  Moreover, while he is off the CUA board for now, does he still remain as rector of the National Shrine?  Were the powers-that-be just tossing little bones our way?

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