Friday, September 27, 2019

My Conversation With The Pastor Of A Homophile Parish

As a follow-up to my post a few days ago regarding St Ignatius Church in Baltimore MD, I decided to call the parish and to see what they intended to do about the scandalous situation that they are allowing to happen.  I placed the call at 1:30 pm today, and this is how things transpired.

I believe that actually was Father Casciotti with whom I spoke ever so briefly.  The long and short of it is that he knew all along about Creamer's sodomy and either 1) doesn't care or 2) is all for enabling mortal sins of homosexual relations within the context of his parish.  For all intents and purposes, that renders St. Ignatius a den of vipers.

Obviously Father was uncomfortable and disgruntled with being called on his cooperation with mortal sin - which is its own mortal sin, by the way.  It's good that he was perturbed by the call.  Maybe that will cause some spark of conscience to come to life.

I suspect that the parish may well be a hangout of perverts and their enablers.  For the few decent Catholics that remain, I'd suggest a boycott of the collection; send your money to a faithful religious order (NOT the Jesuits!) or some other charity like a soup kitchen.  Don't feed your money to this cabal until they demonstrate real repentance.

I intend to contact the Archdiocese of Baltimore next week and I reiterate my call for faithful Catholics to likewise contact this pastor and Archbishop Lori.  Whether by cowardice, indifference or even approval of sodomy, both men are allowing souls in their charge to careen towards hell and unless they change course, they will have much for which they must answer come their Judgment Days.

Check out this parish bulletin.  Creamer is also on the parish council.  Whatever else "meeting the sinner where they are" means, it does NOT mean placing the sinner in prominent positions while the sinner is still engaging in his/her mortal sin.  When you contact both Casciotti and Archbishop Lori, politely but firmly insist that Creamer be removed from the council and this LGBT ministry abolished, both for the good of Creamer's soul and to remove scandal from the parish.


  1. LOVE this video! And OF COURSE it's a Jesuit parish, a model of our future (well...current) Church under this Jesuit pope. Sodomite heretics "sharing the diversity of their sexuality" is all the rage in the Society of Jesus. Does Archbishop Lori have a spine? We shall see.

  2. Well. I guess you got your answer about the situation. And Archbishop Lori, who is the chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, is silent but has no problem asking for $$$.


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