Saturday, December 7, 2019

Catholic Standard Touts Dissident Order Of Sisters

The current Catholic Standard features some sisters telling their vocation story.  One such story is from Sister Aine O'Connor, one of the five leaders of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  That name caught my eye for over ten years ago, I led a picket against them in Silver Spring.  They were hosting a Call to Action meeting to discuss some sort of dissidence.

Here is the website of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Right there you can see that they are "social justice warriors" and there is not one of them in habit.  Here is the list of their social concerns; notice how the E in "earth" is capitalized, like it's a proper noun/name?  It's just a list of all the progressive talking points.  Go to the "resources" menu, then to "social justice advocacy", then click on "earth community and mercy consciousness".  You'll be gobsmacked with talk of "new catholicity", "unmaking and remaking of the western mind", and a smattering of gobblygoop by Teilhard de Chardin.  Then there's "widening our circle of mercy".  In this so-called "prayer service", six page of it, the word "God" is mentioned twice in this entire idolatrous groveling before "mother earth".

Take a look at their version of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  Church tradition recognizes seven of each.  They've appended an extra one to each.  Their additions are at the bottom of their lists.  I think it rather telling that they didn't deuvlge their edition of Sacred Tradition. 

As with most progressive katholyc organizations, these women have forged some troubling alliances as you can see here.  Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics,and Religion can be shortened to "Water".  Scroll on down their main page.  They advertize for an "Advent liturgy for Catholic Lesbian/queer women". Charming.  Going further down we see that they work with Dignity and Women's Ordination Conference.  They are headquartered in Silver Spring MD, just blocks from the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Isn't that convenient?

Then there's Amnesty International.  Here we see that they champion both baby-slaughter and the "gay-lifestyle" perversions.

If the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas has no problems with these positions espoused by their partners, then we can safely say that they embrace those dissident positions themselves.  So why are they touted in the Catholic Standard?

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