Sunday, December 8, 2019

More Information And Insights Regarding The Sheen Debacle

In this piece I will post a number of youtube videos.  For considerations of space, I'll do so below the jump break.

More information has come out regarding the "mysterious" (ahem!) bishops who requested that the beatification of Venerable Fulton Sheen be put on hold.  Just pause a moment.  Why would these bishops wish to remain anonymous?  Obvious answer.  They know that they are acting out of pure spite for Sheen and his defense of the Faith; they, on the other hand, seek to reduce the Faith to a bunch of "social justice warrior" hogwash, and even that is a veneer for the establishment of a one-world government.  One of the four videos will show Archbishop Sheen railing against false compassion, especially that shown to criminals and homosexuals.  Yes, Sheen specified the latter.  For the high crime and misdemeanor of excoriating the coddling of homosexuals - many of whom are in the higher echelons of Church hierarchy - his memory must be besmirched for he stings their consciences.

I'll link to an article by George Neumayr.  I believe he is correct in opining that the Dolan-Cupich bunch really aren't interested in a delay for the sake of an AG report, but they want his cause abolished in its entirety.

The videos will follow after a brief synopsis and the jump break.
  • The first video is of the World Over.  The relevant portion occurs near the beginning, while Raymond Arroyo interviews Phil Lawler.  Arroyo is the one who divulges names.
  • The second one is an interview between Taylor Marshall and Chritine Niles.  The first 33 minutes are devoted to a biographical sketch of Niles.  The discussion of the Sheen situation starts at the 33:00 mark.
  • The third and last video is of the Archbishop, where he rebukes the false compassion and the recipients of the same.


  1. These prelates who seek anonymity and those who object to our sainted Bishop Sheen being recognized as a Saint and worthy of our altars, will unwillingly benefit our Church by exposing their narcissistic and hateful natures. The sooner these men and women are exposed for their true aims the better we will all be. Pray for them and for Holy Mother Church and Our Lady of Sorrows, who fights still another enemy...Our Lady of Soros!!!!!

  2. Minutiae: you mention the "Dolan-Cupich" bunch. I suspect that--while there may be some things they hold or pursue in common, they are NOT part of the same group. Dolan is, more or less, a JPII guy. Cupich is not. That's why Dolan has been frozen out of the Inner Circle surrounding Franny the Firstest and Cupich is definitely "in", along with D.C. and San Diego (and others.)


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