Friday, December 20, 2019

Vatican Claims That The Sin Of Sodomy Is Just Lack Of Hospitality

There might be some smidgeon of truth to that.  After all, gang-rape sodomy is, among other things, inhospitable to the poor victim.  You won't find that practice suggested in Emily Post's Rules of Etiquette - at least not in original versions of that work.

But enough of the snark.  Let's get serious about this matter for indeed we now see that the Vatican is being more blatant about its attempts to normalize the mortal sin of homosexual behavior.  LifeSiteNews has quotes from the book yammering on about a "new and more adequate understanding of the human person".  Somehow through that talk one can hear the serpent saying "did God really tell you to...", instilling doubt in God's eternal commands.

In other related news, we learned that Cardinal Burke rebuked the bishops for their silence regarding the Netflix film depicting Jesus as gay and for the equally blasphemous picture of Jesus outside the art museam.  How are all these things related?  In one word, sodomy.

The book, the film and the picture all are ordered to the normalization of homosexual perversion.  That normalization is being deliberately done - by higherups in the Vatican, and yes, even the pope himself.  Seven years ago at my parish, Father Guarnizo was not ejected because he wasn't "pastoral" to the lesbian presenting herself for Communion.  He was ejected for not coddling homosexual perversions.  In light of recent revelations about both McCarrick and Wuerl, do we not see those facts in a new light?

Below is a Vortex touching on these matters.

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