Sunday, December 29, 2019

Archbishop Gregory Honors Gay-Enabling Religious

Before we look at the main problem here, let's start with a general examination of the December 19th issue of the Catholic Sub-Standard.

In addition to the deficiencies observed by my blogging colleague A Washington DC
Catholic, others caught my eye.  On page 4 of the paper edition appears an article written by Msgr John Enzler entitled "Rejoicing in Jesus' Humble Birth"  In it the usual canards are to be found, particularly the one about Him being homeless.  Note to Msgr Enzler, the pope, etc: the Holy Family was not , repeat NOT, homeless.  They traveled to Bethlehem to register for tax purposes.  In fact, much of the population was traveling for the same reason.  That is why there was no room in the inns, for the rooms were occupied by fellow travelers.  So much for that politically-correct codswallop.

The other one, one that the progressives seem to think is obligatory to trot out, is that they were refugees.  Of course they are doing so to justify those crashing through our borders in disregard for legitiate immigration laws.  While they were indeed fleeing Herod at the direction of an angel, in no way did they flout immigration law.  Moreover, after a short while, they returned to their native place.

Another gaffe can be found on page 19 in the short blurbs of saints on the calendar for January.  I cannot find this on an online version.  Anyway, regarding St Raymond of Penafort, the Standard erroneously states that he was the second master general after St Dominic.  In fact, the second master general was Blessed Jordan of Saxony.  St Raymond was the third master general.  Might the ordinary lay person know that?  Most likely not.  However, one should be able to expect that the authors and editors of a Catholic publication would check these facts before publishing these kinds of bloopers.

But now for the real point of this post.  On page 20 of the paper edition, and here from the online edition, we read that Sr Mary Berchmans Hannan, former head of Georgetown Visitation, has been honored with a campus building named after her.  Archbishop Gregory attended the dedication and there was a big photo-op of the two of them.  The bloviation in her honor included snippets such as claiming that "everything she has done has been directed to honor God".  Oh really?   Let me jog some memories of events of this past May!   In brief, Sister announced that the alumni magazine would be polluted by the announcement of same-sex shack-ups.  Whatever the reasons, by praise of perversion she has embroiled the entire Visitation institution in mortal sin.  Some alumni did publish an open letter to protest Sister's horrendous decision.  However, one doesn't detect a peep of that mortal sin in the Standard's overly-glowy accolades for Berchmans.  She should have been tossed out on her ear after that stunt.  But of course our current prelate, friend of Fortunate Families, probably finds in her a kindred spirit - and it's not the Holy Spirit.


  1. My mother and sisters were and are alumnae of Visitation. The nuns went around the bend decades ago. An early warning sign was that they trashed their own chapel, ripping out a beautiful high altar. They will die out, like the rest of the pro-abortion, pro-sodomy church of Bergoglio.

  2. Back to more distortions (lies) about the birth of Christ during this holy season... How many heard variations of the following in "catholic" homilies last Sunday on the feast of the Holy Family: i.e. that the Holy Family was "not perfect" or even "dysfunctional"! I heard & read about both! This attempt to makes the Holy Family relevant by bringing them down to our level is BLASPHEMY! Who are the members of the Holy Family? A saint - Joseph - possibly the greatest one who ever lived; the immaculately conceived Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary; and Jesus Christ = the SON OF GOD!!! You bet they were perfect! To insinuate otherwise is the preach heresy! #modernism

  3. I went to Visitation as did my mother and Aunts. It was shocking to read Berchmans endorsement of homosexual "marriage" banns in alumnae news. Breath stopping really. We are nearly made numb as we read these horror stories. There is nothing to do but pray and fast.

    1. While praying and fasting are necessary, they are by no means sufficient. Ora et labora. Raise your voices in protest. Educate others, especially other alumni. Withhold donations and tell them why. A few suggestions.

  4. Voice have been raised for a very long time. We are instructed to pray and fast to expel demons.


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