Thursday, December 12, 2019

Peter's Perks

Apparently that is what we can surmise, thanks to the Wall Street Journal and their piece "Vatican Uses Donations For The Poor To Plug Its Budget Deficit".  Only 10% of the funds collected in the annual "Peter's Pence" collection actually goes to "charities".  The great bulk is being used to cover the deficit in the Vatican's "administrative budget".  To be honest, I'm not too sure about the appropriate spending of that 10%.

Enterprise Dear to the Pontiff's Heart
The LifeSiteNews piece says that "the money is ostensibly used to support charitable enterprises dear to the pontiff's heart".  Given what has been going on, with all these "climate change" synods and meetings with Sachs, Moon and some of the other one-world leftists, we can look askance on just what is meant by "enterprises dear to the pontiff's heart".  But it gets worse.

Last week it was revealed that Peter Pence funds went to finance a biographical movie about Elton John, the openly gay performer who mocks marriage to boot.  The flick has an explicit gay sex scene in it.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you contributed to the Peter's Pence collection recently, you just helped to fund gay porn!  Isn't that just...special??

Fellow Catholics, we have the responsibility to be judicious about our charitable giving.  Gone are the days when we could just drop money in the collection basket and trust that it would be put to good use.  Most likely those days never really existed.  Please cease all those donations.  I'd suggest donating to a solid religious order, a local food bank, local pro-life pregnancy center, etc.

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