Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guilty US Bishops Sabotage Sheen's Beatification

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen famously said that if anyone was to save the Church, it would be laity as opposed to clerics and religious.  The conduct of certain prelates, as they try to derail his beatification, only prove his point.  I'm a little late in reporting on this so I won't reinvent the wheel that others have made. I'll post now a vortex that summarizes the situation.

Now just in case you wonder what about Sheen's preaching that might rankle the USCCB, that is, Underhanded Syndicate of Corrupt Cowardly Bishops, this clip of one of the Archbishop's talks might provide a clue.  Pay particular attention around the 16:22 mark and following.  He likens the "social justice" thrust of the hierarchy to one of the three temptations that Satan posed to Jesus.

Or how about this one regarding "nice" people, such as the "Church of nice"?

You get the picture.


  1. How long Oh Lord will you permit us to endure these evil men? Send your Angel Michael and destroy the evil cancer eating at Holy Mother Church. BLESSED Fulton Sheen pray for us!!!!

  2. Here is another twist of the truth coming from the USCCB and it will affect lives for many generations to come!!! It is one of the most important bills in the US Congress since our country legalized abortion. The bill, S.2080, is called PCHETA (Palliative Care and Hospice Training Education Act). This bill will legalize euthanasia here in America because it authorizes massive funding of the new sub-specialty of Palliative Medicine developed by George Soros' Project on Death in America by Soros-funded scholars. (See our long and short versions of this wing of the euthanasia movement at The palliative care guidelines were written by organizations who are part of the Third Path wing of the euthanasia movement. So as to placate those who are fearful of palliative medicine the USCCB authored an amendment accepted by the Senate which will supposedly restrict the funds authorized in this bill. It says the bill must do no harm Words are cheap. The USCCB's amendment to the house version of PCHETA is meaningless! (The House has already passed this bill by voice vote so that there would be no recording of how representatives voted.) This coming week the Senate is set to vote in its HELP Committee and PCHETA or S.2080 will move quickly to the Senate for a full note. It appears that the fix is in for our country to support mandatory euthanasia thanks to the USCCB! Please call Senators who are in the HELP Committee. Tell them the USCCB amendment does not hold water. For the record, the Catholic Medical Association is also on board for PCHETA! President Trump may have the bill on his desk before Christmas. Our research at LifeTree for almost 20 years indicates that the USCCB has been working toward passage of a bill like this for a very long time. For the record, the USCCB was involved in the discussions of and promotion of a phony ban on physician assisted suicide in NC back in 2003. We at LifeTree worked against their efforts. For more information contact information is on our website. Please Pray For Divine Intervention.
    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD
    Executive Director, LifeTree
    PO Box 17301
    Raleigh, NC, 27619

  3. Has it really been settled that Abp. Sheen was or was not pro Vatican II?


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