Sunday, December 15, 2019

Texas Conference Of Catholic Bishops Cooperates Formally With Murder

For reasons that I cannot fathom, Texas hospitals seem all too eager to murder their patients instead of helping them achieve healing.  The latest "case-in-point" revolves around Baby Tinslee Lewis, who was born prematurely and has spent her 10 months at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.  She has had many operations to repair heart defects, lung disease, etc.  Now the hospital has determined that she is beyond "saving" and intend to take her off life support.  The child's family is opposing this intended de facto murder of their child.  Note that this controversy doesn't revolve around medical difficulties as much as it does some arbitrary determination of "quality of life".

As of this writing, this child is benefitting from a reprieve, but that will soon come to an end unless justice intervenes.  Many amicus briefs have been filed from both sides.  The hospital's intention to play God and destroy the child is receiving some surprising and troubling support.  The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops has filed their brief in support of the murder of Tinslee Lewis.  Other faux "pro-life" organizations supporting the hospital's intent to murder are the Texas Alliance for Life and the Texans for Life Coalition.  On the other hand, standing by the beleagured family are Texas Right to Life, National Right to Life and Concerned Women for America.

The members of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, at least those who are responsible for issuing that amicus brief, bear great moral culpability for the child's murder (if she isn't saved).  As bishops, they should be well aware of the dangers of cooperating with mortal sin.  That link I just posted deals with such cooperation from the standpoint of Catholic moral theology.  Towards the middle of that page, notice the nine ways listed by which a person (or organization) can commit with evil.  Notice the words "counsel" and "approval".  Both of them are clearly present in the action of filing that amicus.  Also notice that this cooperation is formal; one cannot get much more formal than a court document.  We also conclude that this cooperation is proximate and material, owing to the moral weight that the TCCB lends to this murderous enterprise.

Here is the website for the TCCB.  Contact them and remind them that as they laud the impending murder of this child, they increase their chances for eternal damnation.

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