Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catholic Voting Principles - Undermined In Catholic Parishes

This report from Lifenews.com is a repeat of the same sad song we hear from Catholic parishes.  Some of them, and even entire dioceses, are refusing permission to allow distribution of guides that follow the bishops' instructions on prioritizing issues.  They prefer instead things that hearken back to the "seamless garment" scam.  Are they being a tad too solicitous of their much-adored "501c3" status?  Some are, but some aren't!

Case in point - Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC, right off the Georgetown University campus.  Like Georgetown, Holy Trinity is governed by Jesuits (doesn't that explain a lot?).  In last week's bulletin, a pro-life activist found an article praising Obamacare.  Moreover, it contained this line: "Although I take very seriously the role that we as Catholics should play in bringing our values to the discussion of specific aspects of national health care policy, I think it is more important to make sure that everyone who needs health coverage has it - period."

Got that?  Let me paraphrase:  "Forget about those icky, inconvenient pro-life and pro-family values!  We need Obamacare, even at the expense of having the blood of babies on our hands!"

Some might recall that this is the church that then-VP-elect Joe Biden attended.  Right after he sacrilegiously received Holy Communion, the priest and the congregation gave him a standing ovation - while Mass was still in progress!  If that tripe had to appear in a Catholic bulletin, it's just as well it happened at Holy Trinity, since they're so far gone anyway.

Pray for their immortal souls.

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