Sunday, January 21, 2018

Action Needed - Particularly For Philadelphia Area Catholics

Yesterday at St. Rose of Lima Church in Eddystone PA, located within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Deacon Anthony DiIenno committed sacrilege while giving the homily at Mass.  See for yourselves, from the facebook page of his very misguided daughter.

UPDATE - She pulled the post or changed its privacy settings.  I had a feeling that might happened so I saved a screen-shot of it.  Below is that screen shot in lieu of the post.

Apparently the mask had to do with some football game.  No matter.  Holy Mass is not the time to be acting like a juvenile.  Mass is about Our Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.  This Holy Sacrifice, which is the most important event of the week for any Catholic, is not to be trivialized for any reason.

Please contact this parish, St Rose of Lima in Eddystone.  Also register a complaint with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  We as faithful Catholics must raise our voices when Our Lord is outraged during Holy Mass.  This deacon needs to issue a public apology for his sacrilege.  If he won't, he should be disciplined and even laicized. From his daughter's facebook page, we know he is a grandfather.  He knows better than that.This behavior is unacceptable.

Speaking of facebook, one can go to the parish's facebook page from the link on the parish webpage.  Please do that and leave your respectful but firm complaint.


  1. Could only take place in a FrancisChurch.
    These Modernists are sickening!

  2. One positive is faithful Catholics are finally pulling their heads out of the sand regarding the Pope. After several years of denial, they are now agreeing with me that Pope Francis is a heretic. That is progress!

  3. I didn't catch the name of this little jingle, but the lyrics of the Closing Hymn at our NO Mass yesterday included the words, "Don't want no kingdom," "Don't want no Heaven." So, what do we want? Salvation, here and now! Food and drink! Safe neighborhoods, etc. When I asked the Celebrant about it afterwards, at first he didn't believe me. Then we looked it up and he admitted he hadn't even been paying attention. He said he would look into it, and I hope he does. But the point still stands: there really is no limit to the irreverence Modernists are willing to commit.


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