Monday, January 29, 2018

Cardinal Cupich Is Right

For a change!

This year Ash Wednesday falls on Feb 14.  That day also happens to be St Valentine's Day, an occasion given over to romance and - let's be honest - lust.  In response to petitions placed to him for dispensation from the obligation to fast and abstain from meat on that day, Cardinal Cupich replied that the obligations to fast and abstain still stand. 

Needless to say I'm pleasantly surprised.  I truly expected bishops to acquiesce to these silly requests, as they are wont to do when St Patrick's Day falls on a lenten Friday.  I commend the cardinal for standing for the holy season of Lent and hope this is the start of a welcome change of direction for him.  I must say that I think it disgraceful that Catholics would even think of asking for a dispensation of the fast.  It shows how little they value their Faith and how frivolous are their attitudes towards their own spiritual needs.


  1. There's a headline I don't expect to see too often!

  2. His decision must be the result of being overcome by Divine Intervention!


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