Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Maryland - The Freak Show Circus Commences!

Yes, Chelsea Manning has let loose with his first "campaign ad".  Truth be told, it's more reminiscent of a horror movie trailer than a political ad.  One can see where hatred has replaced thoughtfulness in their minds.  Even the music is creepy.  Oh, by the way - notice his adam's apple?  It's impossible to hide that piece of truth, Manning's self-deception notwithstanding.  It's quite possible that some in his campaign organization might have the common sense to realize that this ad is at best a laughingstock and will have it pulled.  Therefore, I'd suggest you download it to preserve proof of the intellectual and moral vacuity of the left.


  1. She sounds like a male and looks like a male..... can she really kid people she is something else?

  2. He sounds like a pre-adolescent borderline brat.

  3. We are losing hearts and minds to this diabolical deception, it is no joke, it is making great inroads for the everyday man and woman and worst of all, children. I dislike being the voice of doom, but unless something big happens to alter this course, this is going to take over the culture in a major way. The young people are already sold on it, and greatly resent anything that smacks of less than full on approval, and the young people are being heavily groomed for future political action in public schools and universities, leftist, of course. They see any criticism of this madness as it is framed by the left, as hatred and bigotry.
    I certainly hope reason prevails, and this confused man, a proven traitor to our nation, will not be elected dogcatcher, but, I will not be surprised to see this go the distance. We watched America vote for Barack Hussein Obama based on a senate career of four months, and despite the fact that he was the most extreme pro-abort, and promised to back Islam if it ever came to it, he was given our highest office so that Americans could prove how they were NOT bigots and how open-minded they were. Well here comes the chance to do that again. I won't count out America's willingness to toss it all for a feel-good vote, even for a treasonous man who will take us further down the rabbit hole to Hellish America.

  4. Kathleen1031, you are so correct...Here is one of the , God alone knows how numerous, examples of the truth of what you say:


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