Friday, January 26, 2018

Seamless Garbage Pollutes The March For Life

The progressives are working overtime to insinuate "seamless garment" poison into the pro-life movement.  For accuracy, I'll refer to it as "seamless garbage" for that is a more accurate descriptor.  It made its way even to the rally stage of the March for Life.  C-Span has video of the entire rally, with all the speakers.  At about the 5:40 mark, you can hear an Orthodox bishop incorrectly claim that immigration concerns and the death penalty are just as evil as is abortion.  Not to be outdone by the Orthodox, DC Cardinal Wuerl spouts essentially the same nonsense in his blog as he carries on about those without insurance, illegal aliens immigrants, etc.

One Peter Five has done research that corroborates the fact that the USCCB's motives behind their eagerness for refugees is not completely altruistic.  Nope!  The USCCB receives at least several hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billion) from the feds (ultimately from our tax dollars) to "resettle" the illegals.  We might assume that non-Catholics are receiving similar grants: hence the "seamless garbage" crowing by the Orthodox bishop at the March.  Over the years, the USCCB has shown itself to be particularly susceptible to the seductive scent of dollar bills.

The Lepanto Institute has uncovered an even more troubling lapse of morals on the part of the USCCB in favor of - you guessed it! - MONEY!  They are lobbying Congress to fund two organizations that funnel money to Planned Parenthood and other death-dealing organizations because they in turn receive money from them.  This USCCB letter sounds so lofty and noble, right?  The letter's language shows the infestation of seamless garbage as abortion is completely ignored while other issues are exalted in its place.

Yesterday LifeSiteNews published a piece by Doug Mainwaring detailing another facet of "seamless garbage" adulteration of the pro-life movement.  That is, gays are trying to align themselves with us.  While I think it laudable on one hand that they see the evil of baby-slaughter, they also attempt to justify their mortal sins of sexual perversion via their abortion opposition.  They fail - or refuse - to acknowledge that abortion and sodomy stem from the same rejection of God's plan for life, family, sexuality, marriage.  Doug made mention of Rosemary Geraghty.  I too warned about her in an earlier post.  She is on the board of the "seamless garbage" Rehumanize International.

We as Catholics must stand for God's plan for marriage, family, sexuality, life.  God has privileged us with the ability to procreate new life with His grace.  The devil hates us for that because by that privilege we help engender new people to potentially enjoy life with God in eternity.  Hence all direct attacks against that privilege must be given top priority and we must allow nothing - be that diversion ever so noble - to dilute our energies from establishing the Culture of Life.  The diabolical attacks are: contraception, abortion, euthanasia, abuse of embryos, attacks on marriage (including divorce), the furtherance of homosexual perversions.  Let's engage in a laser-like focus on these matters and leave the "seamless garbage" in the trash where it belongs.


  1. Maybe I'm not giving enough credit to the homosexual groups and others who are so 'valiantly' joining in the fight for life. I don't see that as their true goal in the least. It's all a sham. They are pretending to be on the side of life, while at the same time promoting their own sick perverted cause. Their intentions are slimy and evil. Just the way I see it.

    1. Do you mean that homosexual pro-lifers want more babies to be available for adoption to their 'non-traditional' families?.... or perhaps that they want to gain the approval of all pro-lifers for their homosexual and transsexual agenda?

  2. I call it the "Scandalous Garment". It is un-Catholic and destructive. Abortion is an emergency and has been every day for 45 years. It is an attack upon the person of Jesus Christ in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All five million unborn babies alive in America today can be killed tomorrow, legally and unstoppably, on the whim of their mothers. "Scandalous Garment" doesn't care.


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