Monday, January 8, 2018

Pontifical Academy For Life Member Undermines Humanae Vitae

Recall that last summer Pope Francis revamped the entire Pontifical Academy for Life.  That is to say that he ejected all of the original members, who were solidly pro-life and replaced them with others who are not so solidly pro-life.  Many of the former members, solid Catholics, formed their own council that is independent of official Church structure.  They may well have their work cut out for them.

A few weeks ago, three bishops from Kazakhstan denounced Amoralis Lamentia, stating it would open the floodgates to adultery and other serious sins.  Now comes the news that the newly-bastardized Pontifical Academy for Life has unwittingly validated the concerns of the three bishops and faithful Catholics world-wide.  Academy member Father Maurizio Chiodi put forth the notion that "responsible parenthood" might oblige married couples to use artificial birth control.  He bases this heresy on Amoralis Lamentia.  Reminder - the use of artificial birth control to engage in contraceptive sex is mortally sinful.  It can never be permitted, much less be enjoined.  However, we can see where he'd draw that conclusion from the flawed Amoralis Lamentia.

Please read that LifeSiteNews article closely.  This nonsense uttered by Chiodi is yet another poke at Humanae Vitae.  Amoralis Lamentia runs counter not only to Humanae Vitae but indeed to many other Church moral teachings.  I for one can only conclude that such was the intention behind its creation.


  1. This year is the 50th anniversary year for HV. There are more than a few reports going around Catholic circles indicating this new Pontifical Academy for Life will issue some kind of "up-to-date reading" of HV in *light of* AL.

    Oh boy.

  2. Yes indeed, they will 'reread' HV in light of AL. The the real 'goal' of AL is not just 'artificial contraception' nor is it just 'Communion for the civilly divorced and 'remarried'. Those are just window dressings. The real goal here is the acceptance and even the 'glorification' of sodomy within the Church of Christ. This is what they are really looking to 'normalize'.

  3. Undoubtedly the "smoke of Satan" has infiltrated the Catholic Church.

  4. Devil is having his day and aided by the infiltration of his minions into the Vatican.


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