Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Seamless Garbage Contributes To Episcopal Brain Rot

In last night's State of the Union address, President Trump announced a plan to usher 1.8 million illegal-immigrant "dreamers" towards citizenship and to keep their nuclear families intact.  Obviously taking their cues from the sourpusses on the Democrat side of the chamber, the USCCB announced that they were "deeply troubled" about the plan's "impact on family unity".  What?  Trump said he'd keep nuclear families intact.  He simply said "chain migration" would end, meaning that an immigrant could not pull over his third cousin twice removed.  This is not rocket science.

Bishop Vasquez of Austin Texas made these remarks.  In his embrace of "seamless garment" no-holds-barred illegal immigration, he also revealed his abysmal ignorance regarding the nature of the Church.  He claimed that "family immigration is part of the bedrock of our country and of our church".

Family immigration, or any immigration, is part of the bedrock of the One True Church?  Excuse me!  Can anyone cite the support for that from any dogma?  Any Church fathers?  Our Lord founded the Church to save souls.  That's it!  Anything else, be it hospitals, schools, charities, etc is ancillary to that one all-encompassing mission - to save souls from damnation and to lead them to heaven. 

Those embroiled in "seamless garbage" organizations discount the Church's sole mission.  That's why they count gays among their boards of directors.   That's why they divert from truly intrinsic evils such as abortion, contraception, homosexual conduct and focus attention on matters that at most, fall into the realm of prudential judgment.  Bishop Vasquez and most of the higher-ups in the USCCB do exactly that, as they pander to governmental and Soros-related sugar daddies.

Pray for these bishops, but please never put another red penny in any USCCB-related collection.

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  1. All this "seamless garment" talk is nothing but sacrilege!


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