Monday, January 1, 2018

Progressive Prelates Use Their Sacerdotal Authority As Weapons Against The Faithful

It seemed to me that Cardinal Muller still retained some concept of "sensus fidelium", but this account from GloriaTV disavows me of such notions.  Apparently he claims that a Catholic can conclude that his/her marriage before the Church is invalid with no canonical proof whatsoever.  In other words, he/she is his/her own judge in that matter, and the Church affirms this subjective evaluation.

We also received word from Church Militant TV that a faithful Catholic in Canada is finally being allowed onto her parish's property after being banned for over a year.  Her request that the parish announce the right to kneel for communion was met with slander from both the pastor and the parish secretary, with the apparent complicity of the local archdiocese.  Only after light was shone on the situation was the woman allowed onto her church property and to receive the sacraments.

These two stories seem unrelated, don't they?  Oh, they are very much related!  These are accounts of prelates who have no regard for the sacraments and the proper administration of the same.  On the one hand, you have a cardinal voicing approval for adulterous Catholics to pretend that they can receive Holy Communion.  On the other hand, a pastor vindictively - and in violation of canon law - denies the sacraments to a Catholic in good standing who simply asked to kneel at communion.

So here are two points we can glean from all this:
  • Dissent from the Teachings of Jesus Christ - progressive prelates are just hunky-dorry with it and the subsequent sacrilege against the Sacraments.  
  • Upholding the Teachings of Jesus Christ, especially in the face of the negligence and derision of prelates.  The bishops and clergy will meet such fidelity with resentment and even hatred, going so far as to punish the faithful by withholding sacraments which is itself a direct violation of Canon Law, specifically Canon 843
Progressive prelates, being compromised in their faith, administer the sacraments on basis of their own whims, caprices and even malice.  In doing so, they only add to the pile of sins that they already carry.  Unless they repent - and for many the clock is ticking loudly - their eternal salvation is in grave doubt.


  1. "The road to hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops.".....

  2. This says it all!

  3. WOW! And isn't it interesting that a Church Secretary wields ANY power or public opinion of ANY type! We have seen this MANY times with essentially a church secretary being elevated to Pastoral Associate or Administrator of the Parish! I am so old, I remember when the secretary did double duty as secretary, housekeeper, cooked and generally helped the Pastor/Priests in their God-given responsibilities. We absolutely have regressed.


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