Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rosary To The Interior

My blogging colleague at Les Femmes got wind of this prayer effort.  It is called "Rosary to the Interior" and the intention is to pray the Rosary on February 2 for the purification of the Church.  The feast day celebrated on February 2 was at one time known as Candlemas and it commemorated both the Presentation of Jesus in the temple and the purification of the Blessed Mother.  In accordance with Old Testament law, mothers had to be purified after the births of their children. 

As Mary is a model for the Church, we take inspiration from this to pray that our Church be purified of the rot that has infested the Church.  This rot has made itself manifest by dissidence of clergy, irreverent Masses, all the other ills revealed in this blog and others like it.

Please read that entire site and make efforts to gather like-minded people to pray that Rosary, and to pray it everyday.  I will say this; the caption "but one thing is necessary" is problematic.  While the prayer is indeed necessary, it isn't the only thing necessary.  Remember: ora et labora.

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