Friday, June 28, 2019

Maryland Catholic Hierarchy Fleeing From Gay Nazis?

Both of these Maryland-based stories are from LifeSiteNews.

In the first, we see that the State of Maryland put a private Christian school, located in Baltimore, in its crosshairs.  Because the school, Bethel Christian Academy, correctly teaches that God designed marriage to be between one biological man and one biological woman (see how I have to spell it out?), parents could no longer use school vouchers to send their children to that school.  Mind you, the school makes no distinction among prospective students in terms of "gender identity".  They simply teach God's truth.  They are filing suit and are represented by Alliance Defending Freedom.  What I failed to detect in the LifeSiteNews piece is any indication of support from the Catholic hierarchy, specifically from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Why?

Let's now shift focus to St. Mary's County.  In Lexington Park, there was a "drag queen story hour" occurring on the Feast of Corpus Christi.  An intrepid group of Christians came to protest the sleaze session.  It turns out that there were more Christians there than were attendees of the poof-production.  Regrettably there was only one Catholic priest, and he hailed from Charles County.  Why were no priests from St. Mary's County on hand?

It seems like those in the Maryland Catholic hierarchy are afraid of the gay cartel - or they are in cahoots with them. I would love to be proven incorrect.  Please - if anyone hears of the bishops taking action regarding either of these situations, or that of dissident parishes participating in "pride" parades (that means you, Father Joseph Muth!), please advise in the com boxes.


  1. I will not be holding my breath waiting for the Swishops to act!

  2. I f these priests in Maryland are typical, many of them are rainbow coalition priests. Why fight your own? As far as Father Muth, his name is an antiquated spelling of ‘Mut’ in Germany—courage!

  3. Hello. As a Catholic resident of St. Mary's County for the past 15 years, I want to comment on your question about where the priests in St. Mary's county were during the protest and rosary event at the Lexington Park Library. The question seems to imply that they were unconcerned that this event was taking place. I assure you that is not the case. Many of St Mary's priests are known personally to my family, and they are prayerful, holy men who support traditional marriage, chastity before marriage, and who work extensively to evangelize and direct the Catholics of the county. Since St. Mary's is a rural county, we have a smaller population and many churches, and so some serve several smaller parishes, and some run large parishes with little assistance. They work extensively with the youth, the sick, and the local Catholic Schools. Though not present at the protest, it is unfair to imply that they support the event at the library. We are very blessed in this county with holy priests, and their absence only means that they were serving in other ways. As you can see if you read the article on Life Site News, about 100 people attended the peaceful protest and rosary at the library. This protest was organized and supported by both the Catholic and protestant churches in the area. In addition, one local parish held a two hour holy hour during the event in reparations for the harm that the event (in the library) was causing to our residents.


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