Friday, June 21, 2019

The Amazon Sin-Nod - Full Of Disaster

The USCCB circus is over, but the undermining of Holy Mother Church is continuing apace.  A rather huge insult to the Faith will occur at an Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in the Amazon this coming October.  Rorate Caeli has obtained the full English version of the Instrumentum Laboris of this thing.  If you click on that square with the arrow pointing to the upper right corner, you'll be able to download it to your machines.

I've seen analyses of the thing and you might wish to read them.  But do read the document yourselves.  So far I've gotten through 13 paragraphs and already I see that it is chock-full of heresies.  In many cases, the problems are what is not said.  For instance, paragraph 11 starts by saying "Jesus offers life to the full", but says exactly zero-zip-nada about eternal life.  The lack of mention of eternity is an implicit instruction to deny its reality and to belittle the importance of preparing for said life.  In paragraphs 12 & 13, we see blather about the "good life" being about relationships between a whole plethora of things in no particular order; included in that is God and "various spiritual forces".  Of course God is not given primacy of place in this thing.  One wonders just what the hell are these "various spiritual forces"?  Hint!  There is a reason why I used the word "hell"in that sentence!  These two paragraphs are noting short of an ode to pantheism and possibly devil worship.

Let's take a look at one of the driving forces behind this document.  He is Bishop Erwin Krautler, prelate of Xingu.  He wrote a large part of this document.  LifeSiteNews has some disturbing revelations regarding his most un-Catholic beliefs.  One of them has to do with conversion.  He said "no longer is the fastest possible formal conversion to Christianity by baptism at the center of the Church’s work for the Indians, but an inculturation that asks which traces God also left in the natural religions."   That's odd.  At the end of Matthew's Gospel, we see Jesus commanding His apostles to baptize.  I see nothing about "inculteration".  Perhaps he thinks Jesus' commands are archaic (I'm NOT being facetious).   Well, one of these delightful indigenous traditions is infanticide.  What does he say about that?  He wouldn't punish the murders but favors "convincing the people, with pastoral patience, that the culturally prescribed death of a child is anachronistic and undercuts their own strategy of life."  Pastoral patience!  Just what kind of "pastoral patience" would he practice if he came across one such murder occurring?  Maybe we don't want to go there!  Of course he favors married priests, for which the document shills.

Cardinal Burke sees the dangers and warns us of the relaxation of the discipline of continence for priests of the Amazon.  He points out that bishops of Germany will petition the pope for the abolition of that discipline in Germany if he grants it for Amazon clergy.  By the way - who else noticed that this prelate of Xingu has a German name?

Getting back to the pantheism and occult, we see thm being positively lauded in paragraph 75, where it says, "the family is where one learns to live in harmony, dialogue with the spirits".  The Church positively forbids the dangerous practice of communicating with spirits.  This is tantamount to spiritual suicide.

I will close this post, but will follow up with others as I read it and as others comment on the document.  I urge my readers to study this thing for themselves, to educate themselves regarding the bile that is emanating from the Vatican these days.  Just bear in mind that this is not a document worthy of the Catholic Church, but a pantheistic, envirowhacko screed.

Of course be lifting Holy Mother Church in prayer during your Rosaries.


  1. The Catholic Church and faith as we knew it is gone from the mainstream Church. There seem two alternatives only.
    1. The gates of Hell have overcome the church and Jesus was incorrect when He said they wouldn't.
    2. This destroyer Bergolio is not the pope.
    We are also ourselves far gone when we see the obvious pantheism and evil and sacrilege and blasphemy this pope is promoting and continue to talk about it, tolerate it, attend Mass as per usual, etc. It is we who are also far gone. We tolerate everything, and we shouldn't at this point. The church is GONE when the pope advances demonic spirits. Good God what more will it take. We cannot look to any "leaders", there are none. Even with a pope promoting the demonic, these men will be the walking dead, Cardinal Burke will not call him out, neither will Cardinal Sarah, et al. The church is how they live, eat, it pays their rent, clothing allowance, they are never going to identify this Destroyer as what he is.

  2. What? You don't believe in climate change? I do: it was hot today compared to last week😅


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