Saturday, June 15, 2019

Faithful Catholics, Stop Sitting On Your Hands

The video below was posted by Randall Terry, reporting on his recent confrontations with rabidly pro-abortion CINO Joe Biden.  As most know, Biden is one of quite a few pro-abortion Democrats (a redundancy) running for President.  In his video, Terry states the reasons for his protest and encourages others to do the same.

As I watched this, I couldn't help but recall our action against Mark Shriver at Mount St Mary's last month.  Of all the faithful Catholic laity that I know exist in Maryland, only nine of us showed up - me and eight young men from the American Society of Tradition, Family and Property.  Now I realize that quite a few faithful Catholics were in front of abortuaries as they usually are on Saturday mornings.  I speak not to them for they are in fact speaking against evil in other venues.  They too find their numbers to be small.

I tried to drum up support for the Mount effort but at best the responses were "well, maybe".  Those "well maybes" turned into no-shows.  Ladies and gentlemen, please understand that while prayer is necessary and crucial, it is NOT sufficient.  In fact, I daresay that if one prays for the culture of life but yet refuses to step out of his/her comfort zone to engage in street activism, political action or just speaking publicly, then his/her prayers aren't worth the spit produced in the utterances, for they value their comfort over God's will.  It is they who need repentance as much as abortion supporters.  If you are going to repent, don't just go to confession (although that's advisable) but get out of your comfort zones and do something.  The next 40 Days campaign would be an excellent start.  Now the video.

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  1. Oh, SO true! We Catholics talk a good game, but for the vast majority, it's all talk and no action! We advertise to hundreds of people every month for a prayer vigil for families at an abortion clinic, and only a few of the same families ever show up. But when the pro-life conference is taking place, hundreds of local people flock in. If those people came to the abortion clinic even two or three times a year, we'd have such a powerful impact on the mothers and on the public who see us outside praying, but hardly anyone can be bothered. When we stand in front of Christ and answer for how we responded to the evil of abortion, somehow it seems unlikely that just saying we prayed and attended conferences with like-minded people is going to impress Him.


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