Monday, June 17, 2019

The Vatican Mafia Takes Off Its Remaining Kid Gloves

First, click on the video to play the music.  It will lend appropriate ambiance to the news that which I shall relate below the video.

In a manner that would do any Mafia don proud, the pope recently told his ambassadors not to criticize him "behind his back".  No doubt he alluded to Archbishop Vigano, who tried to approach him personally (much like the dubia cardinals) but was ignored.

So what's with all this "collegiality" talk?  Has his "bishop of Rome" schtick been a cheap public relations stunt?  Probably so.  It now appears that the pope is being more upfront about his real agenda.  The lovable persona is being laid aside now and it has become more clear that he is implementing his real goals.  The next post will discuss these.

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