Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mount St Mary's Careens Towards Decadance

Last month we had to picket the commencement at Mount St. Mary's owing to the fawning that they heaped upon pro-abortion Mark Shriver.  They have had other problems.  Now, via their alumni magazine, they are formally cooperating with the mortal sin of sodomy as committed by two of their graduates.

Two Mount graduates, currently engaging in perversion, are about to make a mockery of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The Mount is assisting them in announcing their "engagement" just as they would the engagement of a man and woman.

The Church recognizes nine ways in which we can cooperate in sin, and thus partake in that sin.  That cooperation can either be remote or proximate, formal or informal.  I would think that printed praise of sodomy in their official publication is both formal and proximate cooperation in mortal sin on the part of Mount officials who instigated and allowed that praise.  They most likely share in the guilt of the sins of sodomy and sacrilege committed by those two alumni.

The LifeSiteNews article has embedded therein a letter of protest from an alumna of the Mount.  She spoke out against the sin, exercising the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner".  Now the question remains, "what will you and I do about it?" We do not have the moral option to just shrug our shoulders and ignore the matter.


  1. They aren't capitulating, they are leading the charge while pretending to be "catching up" or evolving. It's no evolution, this is what they always wanted. Catholics and all people will divide themselves into sheep and goats by their words and actions. There will be no middle to hide in, it's one or the other. That seems to go for all, pope, all the way down the line.
    Choose whom ye will serve this day.

  2. Sophia is a vision, no doubt she's cinched in but still, gorgeous. Women today think dressing like a hooker and acting like a brute is attractive. Femininity will bring in the gentlemen every time, but women forgo it.
    Mount St. Mary's should lose financial support, but in today's world, homosexuality has arrived, and most want to be on the bandwagon to cheer it.

  3. In 2016 an undergraduate sodomite student athlete at The Mount "came out" to his coach, his faculty advisor and a theology professor-priest, who "non-judgementally accepted" him:"He told me how happy he was for me and that he could see how happy it was making me that I was coming out." The priest was also the faculty advisor for the campus Allies Club, which "offers an open and safe friendly environment for gay students to meet and come together." The presence of an Allies Club at a Catholic(?) college has been at least one factor that disqualified one or more such institutions from inclusion in the Cardinal Society Newman Society Guide: "Athlete at Catholic college finds being gay and religion do mix" https://www.outsports.com/.......

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