Thursday, June 27, 2019

Trekking Through The Amazon Instrumentum

We continue our agonizing and penitential slog through the Instrumentum Laboris of the upcoming debacle known as the Amazon Sin-nod.  Last week I finished paragraph 13.  Paragraph 14 lays out a bunch of hypothetical threats to the peoples of the Amazon.  Read it and notice what is missing.  Where are the threats to the eternal salvation of those people (and the rest of humanity for that matter)?  The Church's primary mission is the eternal salvation of souls.  So where is the concern about faulty catechesis?  Where is the concern about false religions and idolatry?  Oh, wait!  According to paragraph 13, they are supposed to be "in relation to various spiritual forces"!  So this papal plop promotes sins against the First Commandment?  Moving along to paragraph 15, we see that it is considered a "threat" that the people might abandon ancient idolatries.  My goodness!  Was that the attitude of St Patrick when, at his preaching, the Irish ceased their druidic human sacrifices?

Please take a gander at this precious gem from paragraph 17:

"We are" what??!!?  No, we are created in the image and likeness of God, with intellect and will.  We are not just some hobgob of stuff from the material order.  As far as this "cut the veins of our Mother Earth, that's a new one.  The earth is not "our mother".  It is, at best, silly to personify a planet.  For the next several paragraphs one will read ad nauseum the most poetic bewailing of the supposed evils wrought by mankind against the environment.  In other words, it's the quintessential envirowhacko screed.

The themes change a bit at paragraph 28.  The Amazon is now in a "period of grace", you see!  It's because of this "Synod of the Amazon"!  There's going to be "a mutual dialog among all the people of God"!  Let us thank that same God that they didn't see fit to include "the various spiritual forces" in the dialog!

According to paragraph 30, this dialog "aligns with a journey that began with the (surprise!) the Second Vatican Council"!  Taa-daa!  As all progressives know, Church history just didn't exist before the Second Vatican Council!  Prior to that, it was all triumphalist rubbish!  All the saints, doctors of the Church, worldwide preaching of the Gospel, Our Lord's mission for the Church - fudget about it already!  Yes, I am being sarcastic, but I fear my interpretation of paragraph 30 is a tad too accurate for comfort.

I understand that last evening's Democrat candidates' debate was quite a farce.  So tell me - which is the most banal of the two?  This document or the debates?  Please opine in the com-boxes!


  1. The Church is in for some SERIOUS troubles!

  2. We have been living in a house, while each night thieves have come and swapped out a brick or a stone, inserting a wad of crumpled newspaper or a handful of straw. At what point can we say that the house is unambiguously no longer there?

    If Bergoglio was ever pope, he is not now. The recent death penalty vote shows that there are, at most, eight Catholic bishops in the U.S.

  3. ‘There's going to be "a mutual dialog among all the people of God"! Let us thank that same God that they didn't see fit to include "the various spiritual forces" in the dialog!‘
    I’m afraid that the Amazon Sin-nod was guided by many evil spiritual forces, whether they were formally invited to dialog or not. It’s obvious that they were present, by the resulting bitter, bad fruit.
    As far as the Democrats and their debates vs. the Amazon Sin-nod, both are banal, but the Amazon Sin-nod had a bit of excitement with the colorful costumes and various stages of dress or undress and handmade jewelry, that may or may not be found on


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