Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gay-Pandering In The Catholic Church

Almost three years ago I wrote this post regarding gay-pandering David Haas.  Today it is still quite relevant, if not more so now than then.  LifeSiteNews captured a screen shot of his facebook page, in which he announced, and I quote, "For Pride Month, last night I composed a Taize’-like (ostinato) refrain, based on Psalm 139, 13-14".  In other words, he twisted Sacred Scripture to celebrate the mortal sin of sodomy.  It seems like the distortion of Scripture is quite the fad these days in progressive circles, but I digress.

That post has been deleted (I wonder why!), but there remains this gem from Fr James Martin that he shared to his wall.  Unfortunately he is not the only one who slobbers over James Martin.  On Good Friday of 2017, Wuerl invited Martin to preach on Good Friday at St Matthew's Cathedral.  Later he was invited to lecture at the Theological College at Catholic University; faithful Catholics were successful in putting the kibosh on that debacle; read here.  Under Archbishop Gregory, we have indications that we can only expect more gay-pandering, as he did in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  I wonder if we can expect gay propaganda now in the Catholic Standard.  If so, they will hear from us.

For now, I'd suggest that faithful music directors expunge David Haas from their repertoires.  If that doesn't happen, faithful Catholics should simply refuse to sing his dribble. 

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