Friday, June 14, 2019

Useless Gabfest In Baltimore

Yes, the USCCB is having its semi-annual swanky gum-flap session in Baltimore as I type this.  I just learned this a few days ago; usually their November meeting is in Baltimore and their June meeting is elsewhere in the country.  I wonder what prompted this venue switch?

At any rate they are in Baltimore and they are trying to carry on as though it's business as usual.  There are rumblings of some common sense - not much, but not non-existent.  Bishop Robert Baker of Birminghan noted that in the "strategic priorities" and "emphasis areas" documents that were distributed to the bishops contained not one mention of the name of Jesus Christ.  Oh, pish-posh!  How neo-pelagean of him!  Is Bishop Baker clinging to ashes of the past?  Goodness!  Enough sarcasm.  Bishop Baker is correct.  They are bishops of the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ.  How can it be that a key document of an ostensibly Catholic gathering doesn't once mention the words "Jesus Christ"?  Anyway, Bishop Baker's point received no acknowledgment from Archbishop Vigneron.

Likewise ignored was Bishop Strickland, when he stated that the bishops needed to hold CINO pro-abortion politicians accountable.  Again, the response to his point was crickets.  In reality, I think some of these prelates were seething at him for he politely called out their boot-licking for what it is.

So here we have it.  Two bishops made rather modest suggestions on how the US bishops could actually act as bishops, and the response to both was crickets.  They also had no word of rebuke for Cardinal Wuerl, who was caught lying multiple times.  So just what are they jabber-jawing about in Baltimore anyway?  For what are they squandering thousands of dollars this week?

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