Thursday, October 3, 2019

Shamazon Leaders - Putting Dirt In Their Ears

This coming Sunday the Sham-azon Sin-Nod starts.  Quite frankly, I believe it poses a colossal threat to the Church and to western civilization.  Many leaders in faithful Catholic media are in Rome right now to cover this mess as it goes down.  Church Militant posted a press conference headlined by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, hand-picked by the pope to lead the gabfest.  Right out of the gate he said that the Church "must listen to the cry of the earth and the poor".  Sheesh!  Could he not at least have put "the poor" before the earth?  At least they are people, and in God's eyes take precedence over the planet.  That quip is nothing more than an insinuation of pantheism as it ascribes personality to a planet.   During that interview, sin-nod organizers said the IL shouldn't be judged because it is "the voice of the earth".  The voice of the earth?  What did these people do?  Cram dirt in their ears and hear funny little voices???

Church leaders are speaking out.  Last June Cardinal Brandmuller (one of the two surviving dubia cardinals) called the Instrumentum Laboris "heretical" and "an apostasy".  The LifeSiteNews piece has a copy of his entire address in which he lists his reasons.  Likewise, Cardinal Burke (the other surviving dubia cardinal) also called the synod itself "apostasy" and a "direct attack on the Lordship of Christ".  It's worth noting that he was including the German synod in his denunciations.

Cardinal Sarah, in his latest book, stated that if the Sin-Nod succeeds in introducing women deaconesses into the Church, that we would see a "break with tradition".  He's quite right.  Previous pontiffs (the most recent being Pope St John Paul II) stated in no uncertain terms that the Church simply hasn't the authority to permit women to be priests.  However, Bishop Erwin Krautler of Brazil had the chutzpah to state that what previous popes have said in that regard is not dogma.  Bear in mind that he is credited with spewing forth the Instrumentum Laboris.  Note the Brazilian bishop with a German name.  The connections are quite visible between the German and the Shamazon sin-nods, are they not?  As Michael Voris notied in a recent Vortex. the pope and company seek to use the church to advance the left's globalist agenda.

So what do we do?  Yes we pray and fast for the Church.  If you aren't praying your rosaries daily, please start immediately!  Let us also do our part to spread the truth about what is happening in the Church to those who are as yet still unaware.  Among other things, that means the intelligent use of social media.  You who are reading this obviously have access to social media.  Learn how to use facebook, twitter and other outlets and use them.  Talk to your friends and fellow parishioners.  The time for passivity is long over.  Take a cue from Bishop Strickland who is taking to twitter to proclaim the Faith.  You can do it too.  I joked earlier about the sin-nod leaders putting dirt in their ears, but let's take the blindfolds from our eyes and the gags from our mouths - now.


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  1. We have a responsibility to get this information out to as many fellow Catholics as possible. Having a few websites in mind to share can be helpful. These are crazy times and about to hit turbo-crazy. God be with us and with his church.


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