Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Breath Of Fresh Air From Fort Worth, TX

This past Tuesday, Father Jim Gigliotti, pastor of St Andrew's in Fort Worth TX, preached on St Leo the Great and then reprimanded some of his school staff for celebrating Biden on the parish's facebook wall.  The video appears below.  Consider going to the parish facebook page and offer your prayers and thanks to Father.  Bishop Michael Olson is his bishop, and his picture is a rather mixed one.  Father said he's willing to let the chips fall where they will, but let's support him in both prayer and action.


  1. Thank you Fr. Gigliotti for taking a very brave and very wonderful stand for our faith!!!! Another true shepherd that God has graced us with! I will try and thank him personally & of course prayers for him..

    Meanwhile, there is a very valuable and very important podcast that I will try to post here (hopefully not against the rules, and if so just delete it). This is the latest from the U.S. Graceforce w/ Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry. They have as their special guest Fr. Ripperger who has just invaluable information for us as we try and wade our way through this minefield in our country.

  2. This is what happens when you hire non-Catholics to our schools!

    1. They could very well be Catholics, albeit deficient ones. Recall that Biden himsel professes to be Catholic.

  3. True, and he got 40% of the Catholic vote. Our faith is in God, not humans. He is in the midst of this ... there has,always been a cosmic spiritual battle, and "the battle is the Lord's." Ourjob is to do our part, trust Him, rest in Him, not allow the spiritual enemy to steal our peace and joy. Amen.

  4. I heard Christ speaking from the pulpit. Praise God that we have a priest who stands up for our Catholic values. Joe Biden IS PRO abortion as is, Kamala Harris. Our faith is on the line and we need to be VERY strong in our beliefs, values, morals, commandments. Killing ANYONE is WRONG and a mortal sin. Joe Biden is a Catholic IN NAME ONLY. Always remember that and don't ever forget your Catholic faith because (come judgment day) Christ WON'T forget!!


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