Thursday, November 5, 2020

Soon-To-Be Cardinal Gregory: Focus On "Full Panoply Of The Church's Social Teachings"

This interview that Gregory gave demonstrates that he intends to follow in the steps of Cupich, Farrell, Joseph Tobin and other progressives as they promote the now-debunked "seamless-garment" crap of the late Cardinal Bernardin.  Gregory is quite unabashed and blatant here.  

  • He wants to "broaden the concept of pro-life" so that "other pressing issues might be on a par with the ongoing slaughter of 3500+ babies daily in this country.
  • He commented on the language of the USCCB's voting guide that called abortion "our preeminent priority".  He said that language "could benefit from rephrasing".
  • He wants to include the "history of black Catholics in the US" as part of Catholic school curriculum.  I wonder when he plans to include modules on "history of Irish Catholics" or "Italian Catholics"?  But I digress
  • He commented on recent firings of openly "gay-married" employees of Catholic institutions by saying "it's not a one-size-fits-all situation".  So when is the retention of a flagrantly disobedient Catholic not a scandal?
  • He said that LGBT individuals should be treated with respect.  That is true enough as they are made in the image and likeness of God.  But one could wonder what Gregory meant by "respect" given his overly-cozy relationship with Fortunate Families.
Of course he bad-mouthed Father James Altman for having the chutzpah of acting and speaking as an actual priest of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the truth.  He called Altman's remarks "egregious and unhelpful" and that Catholics should base voting on "the full panoply of the church's social teaching".  I remind his excellency that the true social teaching of the Church is to be found in Father Altman's words, not his progressive interpretation of it.  Now Gregory had to know whom he was defending in that remark.  He is responsible for leading souls astray and into formal cooperation with Biden's own support of baby-slaughter.

One can only suspect for whom he voted this past Tuesday.  Let us keep praying that the various voting frauds come to light and that Trump claims his rightful victory.


  1. Beyond any doubt, this unfotunate man is a false teacher who leads hs flock away from Christ and the truth of the Catholic faith. He must be resisted at all costs.

  2. "Social Justice" is today's word for Communism/Socialism because they don't want to people to think they are Communists. They want us to think they are following in Jesus' footsteps with their social justice of taking care of the poor.

  3. Seamless garment argument amounts to: "Look at that hungry child who is here, we should do something, why do you continue to talk about nonviable tissue masses that aren't even here?"


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