Friday, November 27, 2020

A California Pastor Thinking Outside Of The Box

 In his exercise of dictatorial hubris, Governor Nuisance of CA determined in his pea-brained wisdom that churches do not provide "essential service", but strip clubs do.  Understanding that the legal definition of a strip club is when the one on stage removes at least one clothing article, an innovative pastor temporarily designated his church as a "strip club".  Read the account here and watch its video.

After fulfilling the legalities, the pastor goes on to deliver his homily.  Call it what you will, it's a clever way to get around Nuisance's rules and poke some fun at him as well.


  1. Another way of doing this would be for the priest to announce a 'spiritual' strip club in which we divest ourselves of our sins so we may "put on Christ", that is, be clad in his grace. Just a thought.

    1. He wanted to follow the letter of California law,both to keep the church open and to mock them.


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