Thursday, November 26, 2020

Hogan Does Hitler Quite Well - For The Great Reset

What do I mean?  I mean these acts of tyranny that allegedly took effect at 5pm one Wednesday November 25th.  Read the article for yourself.  They include:

  • Mandatory masking in all outside public areas
  • No more than 10 people at any gathering - even in private homes
  • Checkpoints by MD State Police to make sure we are behaving like good little sheep
  • A "snitch line" - so that "violators" can be reported to Dear Leader and his storm troopers
We are more and more resembling Red China.  In the name of "public health" the government is morphing into a monster that is infinitely worse than any virus.  We have seen many signs that his supposed power has gone to his head.   Listen to this cow plop of his, saying we have no constitutional right not to wear a mask.  The author of that article has it correctly.  He has no constitutional authority to dictate what we wear on our bodies.

So now it becomes an act of civil disobedience just to walk around in public like a normal, free citizen of the United States.  Yet that is what we must do, as opposed to accepting his boot on our neck like mindless and gutless sheeple.  "He's saving lives", some might say?  What about the elderly who have literally died from loneliness, cut off from their families?  How about the despair and even suicides from the economic ruin that these tyrants have foisted on us (for our own good, of course!)?  

Maryland isn't the only state plagued by a tin-horn fuhrer full of hubris.  Think New York, California, Illinois, Oregon, Virginia.  These fools need to have their political careers terminated.  That is yet another reason why all the voting fraud needs to be uprooted.  We need to pray of course.  We also need to disobey laws inherently tyrannical.  

Many of these other states are doubling down at this time, too.  Such a coincidence!  Or maybe not!  Do the powers-that-be sense that Biden may not be strolling to the White House in January?  Are they therefore trying to hasten the Great Reset?  

I believe they are.  Below I post a video from Taylor Marshall.  He is reading the open letter from Archbishop Vigano to President Trump, warning explicitly of the Great Reset.  As you listen, bear in mind that this video was recorded before the November election.  Take note when he mentions that the reset will be initiated by mass vaccinations and that a second shut-down, such as the one in which Hogan and others have placed us, is integral to that initiation.

I understand that in response to Hogan's latest tyranny, MD Rep Dan Cox will be filing articles of impeachment against Hogan in Annapolis next week.  We need to stand behind him.  We need to flood the phone lines of Hogan with our protest.  Anyone working that snitch line should be rebuked; be civil but firm.  Record yourselves when you do, for your own protection.

Toward the end of the video, and Vigano's letter, the archbishop makes mention of good people "ready to take to the streets".  Are you, dear readers, among that number?  You must be, for the sake of your families, church, nation and perhaps your eternal salvation.

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