Thursday, November 19, 2020

Today's Press Conference

Today at noon we heard a press conference given by President Trump's legal team that is tasked with uncovering the election fraud.  Rudy Giuliani led the conference, assisted by Sydney Powell and Jenna Ellis.  As much as they are delivering facts to the media personnel in attendance, they are also excoriating those same media for their blatant censorship and downright shilling for the Democrats.

As expected, much of the lamebrain media later dismissed the press conference.  We see on the yahoo page some writers suggesting that people "don't bother" to watch the conference and making snide comments about Giuliani sweating on the stage.  The irony is that they are actually proving the points that Giuliani, Powell, and Ennis made regarding the silly and duplicitous attitudes of most of the lame-brain-main-stream media. 

On the other hand, independent media (such as Yours Truly) urge you to watch the entire thing.  I also urge you to keep up your prayers and intercessions so that the truth will be brought to light.

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