Monday, November 23, 2020

Rally At Supreme Court

This is the third and final series of clips that I took while at the Million MAGA March in DC on November 14.  I would estimate that at least several hundred thousand people were there, possibly over a million.  That is quite impressive, given the relatively brief notice that many of us had of such an event.  Naturally the sham of mass media states that "tens of thousands" were there.  They will do all they can to downplay the American people.  More and more are waking up to their lies and twisting of facts. 

Again, prayers are desperately needed, particularly the Rosary.  I realize that thoughts might be turning to the Thanksgiving holiday, with family and friends to meet, but do not allow that to be a distraction.  Rather, make this holiday an occasion to turn to God and beg His graces upon our nation.  After all, it is God to whom we direct our thanks.

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