Friday, July 16, 2021

BREAKING - Pope Francis Officially Insults The Mass Of The Ages

The "rumors" that have been circulating about the pope's intention to strangle the Usus Antqior have all been confirmed.  Here is the official decree.  Please scroll down for the English version.  At the very bottom is a link to an accompanying letter; again, scroll down for that English translation. 

Note the frequent references to "Saint Paul VI" and "Saint John Paul II".  I think we now see why those canonizations were hurried along - to give credibility to the claim that the Novus Ordo can actually supplant the Tridentine Mass.  But if we need to invoke canonized pontiffs to establish legitimacy of rites, let's examine Quo Primum, authored by Pope Saint Pius V just a few years after the Council of Trent ended.  From the third paragraph: "Let all everywhere adopt and observe what has been handed down by the Holy Roman Church, the Mother and Teacher of the other churches, and let Masses not be sung or read according to any other formula than that of this Missal published by Us. This ordinance applies henceforth, now, and forever,.." (Emphasis mine)  Please read the entire thing, which happens to be an Apostolic Constitution, as opposed to a Motu Propitio.  Pope Francis cannot overrule that.

Two weeks ago, I posted a video from Taylor Marshall about the situation with my own commentary.  Again I reiterate my claim that this supposed invocation of "unity" as a reason to strangle the Traditional Latin Mass was merely smoke and mirrors.  That too has been confirmed.  This is nothing more than sheer hatred of Tradition - and part of the scheme to make the church more suitable as a vehicle to legitimize the New World Order/One World Government.  I think that is the end game.

Meanwhile, we must resist this diabolical attack with everything that we have.  That may mean walking away from our parishes (with our donations) to find where a Latin Mass is being celebrated.  During the lockdown, no entity beholden to the bishops - including the FSSP - had their doors open for Mass; indeed, in most cases the restrictions imposed by the bishops were more draconian than those of civil authorities.  The SSPX did offer Mass to the public, albeit in conformity with local restrictions.  I attended those SSPX Masses; driving 6 hours round trip.  It was worth every minute to actually receive Our Lord physically in Holy Communion and attend a Mass in person, even if in my car.  I remind one and all that the SSPX is not in schism with Rome and was, for at least two months, the only Catholic organization looking out for the sacramental needs of the Catholic faithful.  If necessary, I will attend SSPX mases once again.

Again, we are presented with the need to resist evil in the Church, even if that evil emanates from the Holy See.  We either prepare ourselves to do that, or we risk the eternal loss of our souls and those of our loved ones.


  1. Today I woke up as a full member of the nearest SSPX parish near me (45 minutes away) where I've been going to Mass since the Sunday before Easter. For weeks now I've known that I can never go back to the Novus Ordo, but yesterday sent a personal email to my (former) NO pastor resigning membership in the parish I've been at for over 20 years. I had signed up for membership at the SSPX parish weeks ago but had never formally ended my NO parish membership. Yesterday I knew I had to make a decision, so I did and today woke up to the first day of war.


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