Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14-Year-Old Marylander Lobbies For Marriage Protection

She identifies herself only as "Sarah".  Thanks to Pewsitter, I found the video on Huffington Post - a veritable bastion of propaganda progressive (click here if you can't see embedded video).  As one might imagine for such a site, the comments are petty and adolescent.  For example, here's one that was posted at 8:57 this evening: "I don't want to be affected by you, kid. You missed your opportunit­y--you could have been born before 1950s and added interracia­l marriage to your list of 'wrong things'.  I vote NO on you: please burn up and blow away--that is MY birthday wish. The world could use one less bigot."

Can't you just feel the luuvvv!  The tollleranssse!  All those goood viibesss!  Yep!  Reading through those comments will make plain the malevolence that inhabits the brains of these so-called "tolerant" progressives.  No wonder the kid didn't give her full name!   (If any of you are reading this, just carry on!  You are making our argument for us!)

"Sarah" is a lot smarter than these commenters - and smarter than the current occupant of the State House.

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