Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marylanders! Immediate Action Required To Protect Marriage

Some Republicans in the House who previously promised to protect marriage between a man and a woman show distressing signs of wavering in their convictions.  Governor O'Malley is bringing much pressure to bear on these folks, as any vote (which may happen tomorrow) will be close.

Please urge the following to remain firm in their conviction (and campaign promises) and vote to oppose HB438, the Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Those who need to hear from you are:

Wade Kach of District 5B (Baltimore County) email , phone 1-800-492-7122 x 3359 or 410-841-3359.  He has admitted to changing his vote.  Urge him to be true to principles and change it back.

Pat Hogan, district 3A (Frederick County) email  phone 410-841-3240.  He has stated that he has heard from no one from the true Christian perspective.  We must change that.

Bob Costa, district 33B (Anne Arundel County) email, phone 410-841-3551

Marvin Holmes, district 23B (Prince George's County) email, phone 410-841-3310

Pamela Beidle, district 32 (Anne Arundel County) email , phone 410-841-3370

And call your own reps as well.

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