Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sister Carol Keehan - Unabashedly Pro-Abortion, It Seems

The so-called "compromise" put forth by the Messiah Most Miserable regarding his draconian HHS dictates was facilitated by none other than Sister Carol Keehan.  The Prolife Corner of Rockford IL has obtained a series of emails between Sister and an outfit called Riverside for Choice.  Read for yourselves.  Also see this analysis by National Catholic Register.

As you read through the articles and the comments sections, you'll see some readers ponder why this woman has not been formally excommunicated.  I for one echo that question.

To those of the Archdiocese of Washington who monitor this blog, would you please be so kind as to forward to Cardinal McCarrick the following (with links):  Cardinal McCarrick, you appeared with Sister Carol Keehan at the 2010 Gonzaga commencement.  Several weeks later, you had her do one of the readings at a Mass to celebrate your birthday.  In retrospect, can you now admit that your association with her only confirmed her in her erroneous ways?

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