Thursday, February 16, 2012

Food Police-Nazis Strike In North Carolina Public School

Last April I wrote a piece about how the Obamanista dictators arrogated to themselves authority to ban lunches in Chicago schools - including those packed by parents - for not meeting arbitrary standards of "healthiness".  Towards the end I wrote what I thought was a hypothetical farce, and voiced my hope that it was indeed only a farce.  To my regret, I learned earlier this week that my so-called farce materialized into reality in North Carolina.

In an elementary school in Raeford, NC, a four-year-old preschooler had her lunch confiscated because it didn't contain the arbitrarily-required vegetable.  So what did the poor child eat?  They gave her (sit down for this!) chicken nuggets!  You know, those deep-fat-fried blobs of chicken meat?  Whatever else they are, they certainly aren't vegetables.  That is beside the point, but this substitution illustrates either the complete brainlessness of Mrs Messiah's "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Acts"and signed into law by Mr. Messiah, OR it demonstrates that the control-freaks in the White House are more desirous of glomming power unto itself and to heck with the kids!  I tend to think it's more the latter than the former (although we cannot discount altogether bureaucratic stupidity).

This bullying of a four-year-old and the draconian HHS mandates are just two of the latest manifestations of the progressive cabal arrogating power unto itself and trampling our God-given rights and the Consitution in the process.  They are getting to be more brazen about it.

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