Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't The Bishops Get It Yet??

Last week I wrote a post when the news of the HHS mandate broke.  You might recall that the bishops were shocked - just shocked! - when the Messiah Most Miserable knifed us all in the back.  Why they were surprised is anyone's guess, as we've been warning them all along that if you get too close to a chained dog, it might bite.  Today my friend Stephanie Block had a similar piece posted on Speroforum; please take a look.

I had begun to entertain hopes that the bishops might finally be wising up to the progressive moles in their midst and moving to eliminate them.  Silly me!!  Such dreams seem not to be!

Comes now the news that the USCCB is starting a fasting program on Fridays.  However, this is a First Fridays for Food Security Fast.  If any is so gullible as to follow this, they will "fast" by eating according to the USDA Modified Thrifty Food Plan (whatever happened to fish on Fridays?)!

On the second page, we see the obligatory homage given to the "climate change/global warming" myth.  We are even urged to "take the St Francis Pledge".  They must not have gotten the memo about Cycle 25, but I don't want to digress too much!

Now why, oh why, did they announce this goofiness just now?  Is it because Lent is not too far away, and they're trying to gin us up for another "lenten carbon fast"?  Or... Could it be an attempt of the progressive puppet-string-holders in the USCCB to mollify Obama and friends by showing them that despite all the "tough talk" by some bishops, that they are in control and that they still remain good little lemmings of the left?  With all of the obvious serious problems going on now, why else would they spew forth this bile?

Maybe it's just because old habits are hard to break.  However, if the bishops are serious about standing up to the Messiah Most Miserable, they will do some thorough house-cleaning at the USCCB and toss out all the progressive trojan horses that undermine authentic Catholic teaching and action.

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  1. This fast has been going on since last May 6, 2011. You should check out the November 2011 issue to see how they shill for the CCHD (page 2). What I found most curious about the document was this prayer which doesn't mention Jesus, as in we ask this through Christ our Lord:

    God our Father,
    You created the earth and all that is in it and set human beings to care for it.
    As we gather at this table
    to share the fruits of this earth,
    let us remember those who, this day,
    do not have enough to eat.
    In solidarity as your family,
    may we come to their aid
    through our sacrifices and prayers.

    Even curiouser is the November 2011 prayer - Jesus has been removed, but at the end the "we ask this through you" (Jesus-Trinitarian formula) has been left making this prayer nonsense:

    Loving God,
    giver of all good gifts,
    fill our hearts with gratitude
    and awaken in us
    a sense of compassion and justice
    that we may work to help
    those who are in need.
    As we eat this simple meal,
    may we grow in solidarity
    with those who hunger
    for food, for justice, for you.
    We ask this through you,
    who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
    one God, for ever and ever.

    Some of the other months, for example, the October 2011(Respect Life month - has about RU486 and IUDs) prayers do reference Jesus.

    I wonder what age group this is targeted at - high school? Objective aim is to make First Friday observance nonsense: "It was the special desire of our Lord Jesus Christ, revealed to Blessed Margaret Mary, that the first Friday of each month be consecrated to the devotion to and adoration of His most Sacred Heart. Her private revelations promoted the establishment of a liturgical feast day and the practice of offering reparation for the outrages committed against the Blessed Sacrament on the First Fridays and the Promises of the Sacred Heart."

    Notice how this site works in reference to Pope John XXIII and his bio:


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