Thursday, February 2, 2012

Niggers Of The New Age

In several posts written approximately 18 months ago, I remarked that those who are treating faithful Catholics and others who hold traditional and sound moral principals are doing so with greater ferocity and arrogance.  I pointed out that they are trying to relegate us to the status of what I call "niggers of the new age".

At that time, some friends tried to chide me, saying that my language was "extreme, incendiary, etc".  I stood by my language - and still do all the more.

To my friends who thought I was extreme, I suggest that you ponder carefully what the current administration is trying to do to us.  This HHS mandate is just the latest; in a week or two further insults will be visited upon us.  Do you still think my term "niggers of the new age" is out-of-line?  Please open your eyes and cease being afraid to call a spade a spade.


  1. With all due respect, what I find troubling about your posts is that there seems to be no allowance for disagreement. My comment is not meant to be discourteous, but observational. The disclaimer above might be intended as a protection of the Church (not that the Church needs protecting if one accepts God's omnipotence), but actually seems more like a threat or a dare to anyone to disagree with your particular vision of what the Church says or is to be.

    I also urge you to take down your post with the language of victimhood. It is one thing to be opposed. It is another to be victimized. Victims are helpless in their plights. If I understand the teachings of the Holy Father and scripture, Heirs to the Kingdom of God are never victims. They may be martyrs, but they are always able to hold fast to truth and be confident in their faith. So I might advise you to simply state that you do not agree with the HHS mandate and write letters to your Senators in very clear and measure terms explaining your disagreement and why you feel this way. Then publish them on this blog. I think that might be more helpful to your cause than using language that can be interpreted as inappropriate, incendiary, and racist.

  2. James, with all due respect to you, I strongly suggest you open your eyes and learn from history. Look at how the Nazi antipathy towards Jews evolved over the years - a regulation here, a deprivation there and then Krystalnacht. Compare it to what I and many others have outlined. We're definitely in the beginning stages, but we're marching right along.

    We definitely must exercise our political rights - else we will lose them. Senator Marco Rubio is to be supported and commended for his recent effort. However, let's be very clear as to what is happening.

    James, this post stays up. It's not so much the language that should disturb, but the reality that the language presents. And present it I will. If you wish to keep your rose-colored glasses glued to your face, you have the perfect right to do so. However, I will not acquiesce to the ridiculous suggestion that I should muzzle my words about the stark reality that is presenting itself.

    If you're concerned about "allowance for disagreement", I believe your concern would be more aptly directed towards the White House and the HHS. They are the ones threatening the Church and other good people with draconian sanctions should they act on their "disagreements" with the mandate.

    For all our sakes, I strongly suggest you wake up now.

  3. I stand with James. I think you should take this down. It is offensive and unnecessary.

  4. Anonymous, would there be any circumstance when you might consider this post "necessary"? How about if one is not allowed to wear Christian ornaments or tee-shirts with Christian sayings (which is happening now in schools - many posts exist)? How about if a special fee is imposed for the "privilege" of attending church? Or perhaps it would have to wait before we are corralled into a ghetto? That's what lies ahead of us if we don't do an "about-face" very soon. Open your eyes! I write what I write in an effort to waken folks like you from their state of mental oblivion - to prevent the examples I stated above from becoming tragic reality. You are simply wrong. Warnings such as mine are desperately needed. You seem to take "offense" at the warning and not at the reality that is becoming more stark by the minute; more's the pity for you.

  5. My anonymous friend of today, perhaps you are unaware of recent events in the United States (yes I know you're from "across the pond"). We here are dealing with a President who is literally hell-bent on forcing Catholic institutions to fund contraception and abortion-causing drugs, all the while demeaning those of us who allow our faith in God to influence our conduct in public life. Read a little bit and learn. As I've explained to the others, this post stays up. I'm beginning to believe that this post irks so many of you because you are the ones who seek to marginalize Christians to ghettos of society. You just don't want to be called on it. Tough!


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