Friday, February 24, 2012

Help Stop A Travesty At Gonzaga Church In DC Next Weekend

Thanks to my colleague "A Washington DC Catholic", I learned of the planned retreat next Saturday, March 3, at St Aloysius Gonzaga Church.  It's to be conducted by heterodox Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and is sponsored by Pax Christi.  I found nary a peep of this on any of the Gonzaga pages - but the Pax Christi site announces it.

Below is the open email that I just sent to Father Clifford, Gonzaga's pastor.  I copied the Washington Archdiocesan Chancery.  Given Bishop Gumbleton's past practices, it's quite possible that the Chancery was never received notification, let alone request for permission.  Still, they need to be made aware of this and we need to urge them to take corrective action, should Father Clifford not see fit to do so.  Father Clifford's email address is and the chancery can be reached at   Now the email, entitled "Please cancel Bishop Gumbleton's appearance at your church next weekend."


Father, it is with deep concern that we write to you with the above-cited request.  We only learned of it less than two days ago from the website of Pax Christi (see  His reckless disdain of the Magisterium's positions regarding women's "ordination" and gay "rights" are well-known.  How someone with so little regard for the truth can be deemed worthy of giving a retreat to the parishioners in your charge is beyond me.

As you can see, I am copying the Archdiocese of Washington's Chancery regarding this.  There has been an unfortunate pattern of Bishop Gumbleton entering another diocese to speak without giving the host bishop the courtesy of due notice.  Such happened a little less than two years ago when Bishop Alexander Samples had to publicly disinvite him from coming into the Diocese of Marquette (see  Just several months ago, a similar situation occurred when Bishop Gumbleton issued statements favoring the unions in the Wisconsin tulmult.  The local bishop, Robert Morlino, was forced to issue his clarifying statement (see

Having now been made aware of Bishop Gumbleton's troubling pattern of spreading heterodoxy whenever and whereever he deems fit, won't you please do the proper thing and rescind that invitation?  Else the DC Chancery may face that unpleasant task.  Should his appearance go on as currently scheduled, there may well be a presense of some of our number to uphold the Majesterium of the Church.

Please be advised that this letter will be made open on the blog  Any responses - or lack thereof - will likewise be posted.  Thank you for your immediate attention to this crucial matter.

(end email)


  1. Seeing that Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland is a product of the school, why am I not surprised?

    Jesuit and modernist run hell holes have such an effeminate milieu that parents who send their sons to such places shouldn't be surprised if their sons go gay.

  2. Sodomy, in the "Society of Jesus",is the 8th sacrament. I applaud your efforts; however, I suspect that the Jesuits could probably chopped the heads off of small children, with imupunity. If you are waiting for a Bishop to repsond or take action, you will be waiting for Hell to freeze.

    Bishop Dolan writes endorsements for the books that homosexual activist, Fr. James Martin SJ, writes. America Magzine runs an ad, daily, on their blog that reads:

    "Between Heaven and Mirth will make any reader smile"

    Sorry. This is the way it is.

    1. Be that as it may, Maria, we have an obligation to try - lest we share in the guilt by apathy.

  3. Oh, agreed; however, I would consider the cancellation of the event as, well, somewhat miraculous :)

  4. after reading everything written here i still wonder if you are friend or foe of the catholic church. Sometimes you seem to be a friend and sometimes a foe. I wonder what is the reason behind it.
    I dont see any benefit to this kind of blogs other than raising questions about the conduct of the people in charge of our faith

    1. Are you saying they're above question? Consider that Bishop Gumbleton's dissidence has been so far afield of the Magisterium that fellow bishops had to disinvite him from their diocese. What's your REAL problem?


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