Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blessed Sacrament In DC - Must We Picket??

A few days ago I advised of the planned appearance of Chris Matthews at Blessed Sacrament this coming Sunday.  If this occurs, it will be nothing short of a scandalous outrage.  My previous post links to clips of him voicing his pro-abortion proclivities in defiance of decency, even to the point of insulting a bishop to his face.  To his credit, he seems to be wary of the First Amendment insults that Obama's contraceptive mandates pose, but he still seems oblivious to the fact that he helped promote the tyrant who gave him "thrills up his legs".

Many of us have been calling/emailing the pastor and staff at Blessed Sacrament (I hope that includes you!), but for the most part we have received no replies to the messages that we've been leaving.  If any have made actual contact, please advise of the results via comments.  I just now checked the parish website and the event is still posted (under "upcoming events").  Regretably I must assume that at this time, the parish does not intend to cancel the event.

We are therefore mobilizing for a picket of that event.  Bear in mind that we are not picketing the church per se, nor any Mass.  We will picket in protest of the most inappropriate and undeserved honors that will be bestowed upon a prominent pro-abortion dissenter within Catholic grounds.  Rest assured that we will not let this affront pass by without so much as a whimper.  It's time that we all stand for the dignity of our Church and of our God.  We will therefore be outside that church with our signs to let everyone know just what Matthews supports.  We ask you to join us; details will be forthcoming.

Of course if we learn that the parish is indeed canceling Matthew's appearance, then we too will cancel ours.  We therefore ask that you continue your attempts at pursuading the parish to do the right thing and cancel this most ill-advised appearance.

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