Saturday, February 18, 2012

40 Days For Life - Lent 2012

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will be held this coming Lent.  Thus it starts this Wednesday Feb 22 - Ash Wednesday.  Your participation in this campaign would be an excellent component of any Lenten observance; I highly recommend it.

The 40 Days for Life campaign will be held at several local baby-killing centers, and they will be having their Kick-Off rallies this week as follows:

Silver Spring  Saturday, Feb 25th, 10am, at the Planned Parenthood located at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring, MD.  Nancy Tanner of Silent No More will be the main speaker.  See for details and other events throughout the campaign.

Germantown: Sunday Feb 19th, 7pm at Mother Seton Parish Center.  David Bereit, National 40 Days Director and Msgr Charles Pope will be the speakers.  For further details see

College Park   Saturday, Feb 25th, 10am at St Mary of the Mills.  Shawn Carney will be the speaker.  For details see

Baltimore  Sunday Feb 19th at 3pm at Mount De Sales Academy.  David Bereit will be the speaker.  For details see

Fairfax  Tuesday Feb 21, 7pm at 10400 Eaton Place, Fairfax City.  Dr John Bruchalski of Tepeyak Family Center will speak.  See for ongoing details.

Falls Church  No Kick-Off Rally information available, but check for ongong information.

Washington DC  Tuesday Feb 21, 7pm at Farragut Square (Connecticut Ave and K St NW).  Speakers include:
  Elizabeth McClung -- the sidewalk counselor who helped convert Abby Johnson;
  Andi Pearson, from Silent No More;
  Jimmy Nolan, President of Crossroads;
  Fr. Charlie Gallagher of St. Mary's in Rockville

 For ongoing details see

These campaigns are occurring throughout the country (and beyond).  Check to see if there is an ongoing effort in your community - and join it!

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