Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Evil Fruits Of "Social Justice"

Paul Rahe is a writer with a site called "Richochet".  He has recently penned two articles that I commend to your reading.  They are somewhat lengthy but thought-provoking and worth your while.  Here they are.

There's no gainsaying that many in Church leadership positions no longer see the main mission of the Church as being the eternal salvation of souls.  Many of these no longer believe in the afterlife.  Thus they have set their sights on this earth and find their impetus in "social justice".  Of course we must aim to bring about justice, but not at the price of compromising with evil.

Many bishops and priests, wanting to court favor with worldly powers-that-be to fund their pet "social justice" projects, have remained silent in the face of flagrant dissidence.  We picketed one such debacle this past Sunday.  Most notable is the lack of preaching on the matter of contraception.  Click here if you cannot see today's embedded Vortex clip.

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  1. One issue Rahe does not seem to want to touch is the culpability of the homosexuals in the Catholic Church for normalizing homosexuality--and indeed their responsiblity for homosexual "marriage". When Rahe trumpets Archbishop Dolan's election as head of the USCCB as the end of the Bernardin era - he is simplifying and ignoring many other homosexual lines active in the church including New York's Spellman (McCarrick is of that line). He also ignores Dolan's performance during the passage of "homosexual marriage" in New York led by a "Catholic" governor. We see campaigns being led on homosexual marriage by "Catholic" governors in Washington and Maryland. Catholic legislators were key to passing open homosexuality in the military. It is very blase to pretend that an era has ended when the priest-sex partners ordained by these homosexuals are still in place and looking out for each other. Rahe states the ball is in Dolan's court, but even he won't go any further than that. It is very doubtful that Dolan's performance here will be any better than his performance on homosexual marriage or openly homosexual parishes in his diocese.


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