Monday, May 4, 2015

Accountability Software For The Church

That's what Michael Voris dubbed the social media ventures of faithful Catholics who've taken it upon themselves - or ourselves I should say - to shine much-needed light on misdeeds within the Church and committed by those on high.

Important note: as one of his examples of misdeeds of Catholic institutioins, he pointed out the on-going stonewalling, uh, I mean, "deliberations" regarding the sodomite Catholic Relief Services official who still retains his position.  Since then, we've had the earthquake in Nepal, and many people have contributed to CRS, wanting to assist the victims but not considering that they are also lining the pockets of the corrupt upper eschelon of the CRS structure.  ChurchMilitant.TV alerted us to an alternative that does place proper emphasis in fidelity to the truth, as well as funnel much-needed resources to the striken areas.  It is called Caritas In Veritate.  It does seem to be an outfit that will not forget its Catholic mission any too soon.

Here's today's Vortex.


  1. Michael Voris actually quotes Bishop Athanasius Schneider when he said: 'Thank God for the Internet!' He was referring to faithful Catholic Bloggers who were in direct opposition to the widespread heresy in the Church. The ones that are 'shining the light'.

    Thanks for all you do!


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