Monday, May 25, 2015

Al Carmines - Another Composer To Be Avoided By Catholics

Yesterday I attended the 9:30 Mass at St. John Neumann in Gaitherburg, MD.  I received an email later from a friend who attended the 11:30.  He advised me of a Communion meditation hymn that was sung then: "Many Gifts, One Spirit", written by Al Carmines.  He voiced concerns about the composer: concerns that I share.

Like Ruth Duck, Carmines was not Catholic, so one cannot say he was a heretic from the One True Faith.  However, he was a flaming gay.  This wikipedia write-up is quite telling.  He was an "ordained Methodist minister" who also had an interest in theater.  One of the themes of his "works" was something called "The Faggot".  One can only imagine what that was about!  The article says that when Carmines died, he was survived by his accomplice in sodomy.

Carmines was hired by Howard Moody to be associate pastor at Judson Memorial Church.  He was there quite a while, from the sound of the articles.  A look at Moody is quite revelatory, most notably his rather strident support for legalized baby-murder.  This write-up of Moody's life (done after his death) is most telling.  In addition to his advocacy of baby-murder, we read of the "flag arrests" involving both Carmines and Moody.  They were arrested for making "political statements" with the flag.  And what, pray tell, was the nature of the "political statements"?  The flag was folded/bunched to resemble male genitalia.  What a bunch of swell guys!  And this is the type of lemming whose music should be sung in a Catholic church?  I don't think so!  My friend opined that this hymn's selection was particularly irksome, given that the gay juggernaut just ran roughshod all over Ireland.  I agree and also would add that in light of Carmines' disrespect of the flag, a double-insult was offered over Memorial Day weekend.

What other anti-God folks are being validated with the performance of their music in Catholic churches?  I'm sure this is a wide-scale problem, perhaps even across national boundaries.


  1. The depravity of not so 'sacred' music and all other liturgical abuses has been seeping into the Church like sewer gasses since Vat ll, on an ever increasing level. Expect more virulent filth before it's all over. God help us through this.

  2. Have you approached the pastor about this? He might not know anything about the composer of the music which is being used at Mass.


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