Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Francis Effect: Dissidents Emboldened In Their Attacks On Christianity

LifeSiteNews and the Cardinal Newman Society both report that several left-wing outfits, most of them pretending to be Catholic, met in Chicago last month for the express purpose of stifling the teaching of Catholic faith and morality within Catholic institutions.  These outfits are:
  • Dignity USA
  • Catholics for Choice
  • Call To Action
  • Catholics In Alliance For The Common Good
  • New Ways Ministry
  • Human Rights Campaign (only one not pretending to be Catholic)
In their immediate cross-hairs is Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco.  The archbishop is requiring teachers in his Catholic schools to conduct themselves in manners that are not in opposition to Catholic morality.  In a saner time, such a move would be seen as common sense.  But common sense isn't so common anymore, as much of the unthinking public accepts gross immorality and are perhaps wallowing in it themselves.  The fact that a bishop upholds the law of God is an inherent rebuke to their own guilty consciences.  They seek to silence Christian morality since the truth behind it is something they won't accept.  That's why they've gone to great lengths to hire a public relations firm and to enlist California lawmakers (so much for separation of church and state!) against His Excellency.  But perhaps smarting consciences is not all that impels the animus against Christians.

The Human Rights Campaign bankrolled much of that little gab-fest.  The HRC was founded by a sodomite named Terry Bean.  The Eye Witness relates that Bean and his ex-accomplice in sodomy were arrested a few months ago for allegedly raping a 15-year old boy.  Can it be that Bean has a, uh, "vested interest" in keeping youth away from Christian teaching on morality?

Has anyone else noticed that these dissident groups don't even bother to couch their anti-Catholic bigotry behind benign veneers?  As recently as five years ago, they would have at least exercised some discretion about their malevolent intents, but no more!  Why?  Can it be that they are receiving what they perceive to be favorable signals from the Vatican?  I think that to be a reasonable hypothesis.  Consider the now-notorious interim relatio released during last October's sin-nod: apparently with the pope's prior approval.  Yes, he approved it, including paragraphs 50-52.   According to that thing, we are supposed to value the gay sexual orientation: you know, the orientation that allegedly instigated Bean's rape of the adolescent boy.

Thanks to the so-called "Francis-effect" of obfuscating Church teachings, we can expect more of this undermining of Christianity from within the Church hierarchy.

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