Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dubious Rewards Of Striking Hands With Progressives

These past few days I've been writing about the meeting last week spearheaded by the Pontifical Academy for Sciences; read here and here.  In a nutshell, the Vatican is openly embracing the UN's "Sustainable Development Goals", with all that entails: abortion and contraception.  There are some voices of sanity being raised, namely through internet initiatives by Catholic laypeople to sound the alarm.  The Vatican is embracing progressive, anti-God positions, for which the Holy Father must take ownership and responsiblity.  Indeed, I cannot see how he isn't approving of it, if not outright orchestrating the debacle.

All sorts of leftwing personalities are fawning all over the pope regarding his de facto elevation of climate-change junk science to a level of importance that trumps all recognized dogmas pertaining to faith and morals.  Yesterday he hosted a meeting with the so-called "primate of the church of Sweden", Antje Jackelen - a woman who calls herself "archbishop".  Yes, she's a woman claiming to be clergy, but on the other hand she's with a protestant sect anyway; none of their clergy are ordained.  The Holy Father called her "my sister".  One can only wonder on what basis he calls her that.  To his credit, the Holy Father said, "The issue of the dignity of human life which must be respected always, urgently needs to be addressed, as do issues relating to the family, marriage and sexuality, which cannot be played down or ignored for fear of jeopardising the ecumenical consensus already obtained. It would be a shame for new denominational differences to form around such important questions."  If there are differences, they will only arise if these "denominations" dissent from the Traditions of the Church that are in turn given by Christ Himself; the responsibility for "differences" lies with dissenters and the differences can only be cured by their repentance.  Jackelen, for her part, pointed to two areas of "common concern": 1) refuge problem and 2) (wait for it!  Bet you can't guess!) climate change!  Not the whole-scale slaughter of babies, but climate change!  Why am I not surprised?  But wait!  There's more!

Guess who's thnking of converting to Catholicism based on the pope's swallowing the climate-change Kool-Aid?  Better sit down!  AL GORE!!!  He said so much during remarks made at University of California Berkely last week.  There was probably a good amount of hyperbole in his remarks, but it exemplifies what happens when progressives sense (and with good cause) that Catholics are being swayed by their jargon.  Happily Cardinal Muller reminded one and all that Catholic doctrine will NOT change to suit the preferences of given individuals; indeed it can't for the Teachings of God is immutable as is God Himself.

I post now a video from Michael Matt of the Remnant with their take on the disaster that occurred at that PAS meeting last week.

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