Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What's With These Argentine Bishops, Anyway???

Last week we read of Archbishop Fernandez, the Argentine bishop who is an author behind the dreaded awaited encyclical regarding the environment.  In addition to spinning the envirowhacko progressive line, he also writes about kissing games and the such.  I thank the Lord for Cardinal Muller and the halt (albeit temporary) that he's put to it.

Breitbart.com details the interview that C-Fam's Stefano Gennarini conducted with Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sordono.  In addition to being the head of the Pontifical Academy for Sciences and the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences, he's from Argentina.  We've heard lots from those two academies before, right?  He sponsored the meeting three weeks ago that called for the implementation of population control.  I did not know this until I just read the Breitbart piece but it seems that former Senator Tim Wirth also attended that meeting, at Sanchez's invitation.  Wirth has been a proponent of "climate change", population control and abortion rights.

As Gennarini questioned Sanchez about the anti-life positions of Sanchez's invitees, the latter dodge the questions, choosing instead to take pot-shots at the Tea Party (Hey!  At least they're hearing of us in the Vatican!) and those who "live off oil", whatever the hell that means.  He made that crack when queried about his collaboration with proponents of baby-murder.  He said he took direction from his superiors who authorized him to do so.  His superiors!  And pray, to which specific superior(s) does he refer??   Hmmm????

When asked about the problems of population control within the meeting, Sanchez replied,"..the draft SDGs [new development goals replacing the MDGs] don’t even mention abortion or population control. They speak of access to family planning and sexual and reproductive rights."  So he claims everything is just hunky-dorry because it's only "reproductive rights"!  Talk about grasping at straws!  What he did with that ludicrous statement is create a distinction without a difference.  Well, maybe he outright lied, for the report that came out of that meeting specifically called for "reaching a level and sustainable population".  That direct quote can be found at the link to my earlier piece.

So now we have this Sanchez, we have Fernandez and Timothy Radcliffe has just been named to a Vatican post.  No one can pretend that Pope Francis is ignorant of the dissidence of these men, especially when two of them are his fellow Argentines.


  1. "No one can pretend that Pope Francis is ignorant'.............Heck no! Not when the Holy Father himself said in his famous 'Rabbit interview' that 'three children is enough'. I often wonder how many of the Cardinals that participated in the Conclave are now crying in their beer. We are beginning to see the number that are having a party. God help us when they meet for the Synod in October. How in the world can anyone have any confidence that it will go well?

  2. I guess the only - and I mean ONLY - silver lining in this awful cloud is that all the clerical traitors are crawling out of the woodwork now that they feel they have the upper hand again. They are not secret enemies anymore.

  3. Lipstick or no, this pig gets uglier everyday.


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